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Blue Moose is a Canadian owned and operated  company assisting organizations in promoting their brand, image and message through the effective use of promotional products and marketing solutions. Our focus is outstanding customer service and total customer satisfaction with an emphasis on:









The Blue Moose Promotions Group has been  comprised of sales and business professionals, including award-winning sales professionals, some of whom have worked in the industry since 1983, a former President of the Ontario PPAC (Promotional Products Association of Canada - 2000) and National Board Director ($2.3 billion in Canada), a Chartered Accountant formerly with Price Waterhouse and some of the friendliest, most helpful  people you will want to meet.  With offices in Vancouver and Toronto, we are all focused on customer service, quality and value ... and here to help.

Promotional Products are being positioned more and more, not as a pure product, but as part of the promotion buyer’s promotional and communications mix. High speed information now gives audiences a much greater choice about whether they wish to be exposed to mass media and advertising. Promotional Products advertising has proven to be much more effective in its unobtrusive, targeted and personalized approach. Due to its useful nature, promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the advertiser's name, product and/or message. The use of promotional products is most effective when the target audience is specifically identified. Items can then be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a positive response and eliminating waste distribution. Which products to choose that represents the best communication value when there are tens of thousands of products to choose from can be challenging and even frustrating.

Let a friendly and knowledgeable professional at Blue Moose help to find just the right fit for you, your organization and your message! (For more information on the general nature of promotional products, business gifts, premiums and incentives visit our FAQ's Section.)




  Promote goodwill / image

  Reinforce marketing of existing products, services, facilities

  Recognize employee performance

  Generate sales leads

  Promote trade show traffic

  Introduce new products, services, facilities

  Motivate employee sales performance

  Motivate employee productivity


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